Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Woodbury – Pricing

Dry CleanersShirtsSlacksSweatersBlazer
DAPPER DUDS DELIVERY$3.05$7.65$7.65$7.65
Woodbury Cleaners$3.55$9.55$9.55$9.75
Pilgrim Cleaners$3.89$8.99$8.99$9.89
St. Croix Cleaners$3.39$8.49$8.49$8.99

Cleaners’ prices verified as of February 2017. They do not reflect coupons, discounts or specialty items. Prices reflect dry cleaned garments with the exception of shirts, which are laundered. These prices as stated do not include an environmental surcharge which may be added. This fee is part of the cleaners’ expense in complying with local and federal regulations. In addition, a 7.125% sales tax will be added.