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vanThe story of Dapper Duds Delivery…

Our tale begins with two hearts, a home and a dream. Springing from the mid-west, two-groovy cats (Greg and Carol Olson––both native to the Twin Cities) met, fell in love and dared to dream big.

After years of working in the corporate world (recognizing a dearth of professionalism and a lack of quality customer care), Greg and Carol began searching deeper for a common vision to restore consumer confidence lost in many industries with amazing customer service.

Years passed and aspirations grew. One day, Greg and Carol happened upon an article: a hope that would set the entrepreneurial spirit of America ablaze in both their hearts. The article explained how one could own a franchise (a dry cleaning delivery service) and make it work, successfully. Greg and Carol pondered upon the idea and thought it was a wonderful opportunity. But safe in their corporate jobs, the idea of acquiring a company only became a recommendation (instead of a pursuit of an opportunity for themselves).

As layoffs infiltrated Greg’s workplace and uncertainty clamored at their hopes for a better future, Carol mentioned to Greg, “If you get laid off, instead of looking for another job, why not start a business.”

Time passed and layoffs came to an end at GE. Much to his relief, Greg found he still had a job…. However, as the uncertainty of the economy dragged, another company fell amongst the debris of businesses lost––a mortgage company had closed its doors for the last time. Carol was without employment.

Reminding Carol of her own timeless words, Greg suggested she start a business. Enthusiastically recalling the article about the dry cleaning delivery service franchise, Carol took up the idea and ran with Greg’s suggestion.

In 2006, Greg and Carol Olson incorporated their business and began working to build their dreams of constructing a business based on quality customer service, all beginning in their own neighborhood––Woodbury, MN.

Word spread and for Greg and Carol Olson reputation began booming. In early 2011, released from the franchise (which had been crumbling), they began operating the business of their dreams on their own.

Looking into history for inspiration (recalling times in our great nation’s history when service ALWAYS came with a warm greeting, a smile and an understanding that success was built on complete customer satisfaction) Greg and Carol found the answer to their vision of restoring quality service to the customer: the era of I Love Lucy, Lassie, and the friendly, neighborhood milkman of the 1950s.

After changing the company name to fit their passion, Greg and Carol’s dry cleaning delivery business became Dapper Duds Delivery.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, success became inevitable––and by the end of 2011, Dapper Duds Delivery hired their first employee. Yay!!!

Not only are these cool cats friendly entrepreneurs who love their community, Greg and Carol Olson are hip grandparents who enjoy spending time with their grandchildren (who both live here in the Cities and in Bend, Oregon).

Greg is also a graduate of Northwestern College in Saint Paul, MN, and Carol studied and graduated from Metro State University in Saint Paul, MN.

Both appreciate having the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Thank you,

Your friends,

Dapper Duds Delivery.