Welcome to Dapper Duds Delivery – Leading Woodbury Dry Cleaners

Here at Dapper Duds Delivery, we turn back the time in order to make you and your family shine.

With quality cleaning, customer service skills surpassing five-star standards, and our neato-acceleromatic drive machine (our delivery van) saving you time and money, we are what’s hip in setting the new standards of excellence for any industry. This is our guarantee. Guaranteed.

What we do (besides make you look good):

  • Dry cleaning
  • Men’s laundered dress shirts
  • Pretreat all collars and cuffs, replace missing buttons for free, and pre-treat all stains
  • Normal household laundry (socks, t-shirts, towels, bedding etc.)
  • Leather and Suede
  • UGGs and Rugs…that’s right they rhyme.
  • Wedding gowns
  • Alterations and mending
  • Accept hangers for recycling (which is great for a green grain of conscience).

Customers are placed on a weekly route. Unique requests or missed pickups, please call us. Dapper Duds Delivery will gladly make special arrangements necessary to serve you better. From extra pickups, to holding clothes until you return from those all-important business trips (or restful-weekend retreats spent at the cabin), Dapper Duds Delivery is here to make your life easier.

Most items are picked up and returned the following business day. Articles needing special attention may require more time. Objects such as leather and suede are sent to a specialty cleaner, requiring an additional period of care.

Our billing cycle is once a month.

Our growing service area includes Shoreview, Arden Hills, North Oaks, Vadnais Heights, Lino Lakes, Lake Elmo (in select neighborhoods), Oakdale, and most of Woodbury. Click here to see the days we are in your area. If you’re not on the map, contact us to see if we have recently added your neighborhood. Your convenience is our commitment.

So, bop till you drop, twist yourself a laundry list, and turn back time wasted driving to the cleaners (because with Dapper Duds Delivery, you and your laundry have it made in the shade).